Kevin Paterson – Chair of Andover BID Board of Directors

Kevin became a member of the steering group of the Andover BID during the initial consultation period and, when the BID came into being, was appointed as one of its first directors. 
He has lived in Andover for over 20 years and worked in the town centre for the past 9 years.  
"Andover is a great town and I have met a lot of wonderful people here over the years.  The BID is an exciting opportunity for businesses on our High Street to work more closely together in a proactive way to ensure our businesses and town continue to thrive".    


Steve Godwin – Andover BID Manager

Steve Godwin is the Andover BID Manager and was appointed at the start of its first five-year BID term, 2019 - 2024 to introduce and develop the new BID to the town. Steve brings to Andover, a wealth of experience gained in the commercial and charitable sectors and during the last five years has worked in Salisbury, helping their BID to achieve a huge majority for its second term. Steve says that “he is delighted to be working in Andover, which is a great town, ideally placed geographically with a good road network and an excellent train service. We have much history and many attributes including some very large and significant employers. The BID is here now to help develop Andover’s potential and provide additionality to our local businesses, and I look forward to being able to help to achieve that”.


Chris Podszus

Chris Podszus was appointed to the BID’s Board of Directors in April 2019 and represents Simplyhealth as one of Andover’s largest employers. Chris brings a wealth of experience to the Andover Town BID in terms of stakeholder engagement, local government and public policy. Chris says: “Andover is a fantastic town and a great place to live and work. With prime geographic location, transport links to London and a diverse local economy it has great potential. With the support of Simplyhealth we are determined to enhance Andover’s local offer and bring new opportunities for business.”

Sarah Robinson


Sarah was part of the steering group that helped to establish Andover BID and has joined the board as a director. A partner at Oaktree Accountants, Sarah looks after client relationships, as well as overseeing accounts and tax work. Oaktree is a long established business in the town and services accountancy, taxation and the bookkeeping needs of businesses and individuals across Hampshire and surrounding counties. Sarah knows many of the businesses in the town and has joined the BID board because she believes that Andover has so much to offer and that the introduction of a BID which is business led is absolutely right for the town and will help to make a real difference.

Bev Botha


Bev owns Andover’s deliciously infamous cupcake shop, The Travelling Cupcake which has been going strong for 6 -years now after initially starting in the town as a pop up shop. Bev really cares about Andover and believes that we have so much potential to blossom. She is keen that new businesses and particularly independents are attracted to the town and are given every encouragement and support to develop and flourish. In joining the BID board she wants to ensure that the BID is a strong and active voice for the businesses and is able to articulate their views when decisions about the town are being made.

Steve Cotney 

Steve has been the Chantry Centre manager since 2004, so he has seen many changes in Andover. Experienced in retail and centre management, he welcomes the recent investment made by Test Valley Borough Council in the centre and is working closely with senior personnel to ensure that the centre embraces positive change.

Steve says we are fortunate as a town to have a BID and I very much welcome the opportunity to be part of an organisation that can be a strong voice for the businesses whilst providing my experience to the BID board at time when we are embracing change and looking to strengthen Andover as a centre.

Lindy Darmanin 

Lindy has recently opened her bridal & prom wear boutique in the town and also owns a successful catering business. With many years of experience gained in both the corporate world, and as an independent business owner she brings some diverse experience to the BID board. Andover is a great town and I am keen that we successfully get that message out to the wider community and that in planning our future,  we remain competitive with other towns and cities. BID’s strategy is to appeal to the considerable new development in our town and surrounding areas and to embracing the army rebasing occurring now. We have many Indies and they are not in competition with each other but each brings its own unique charm and specialism. An Indie has to work hard to be successful and make a living and this is one of the reasons I have joined the board of BID board, so that I can be a strong voice for the Indies of the town.

Ange Moon

I have 20 years’ experience in the Citizens Advice service and have been Chief Officer of Citizens Advice Test Valley since 2014. My role takes me out and about within the whole of Test Valley but I have been a resident in Andover for the last 32 years so feel I know the town of Andover very well and have seen many changes.  I am committed to putting Andover back on the map – I feel over the past 10 years Andover has lost its identity and I want to be part of the team who are doing something to make the change, my motivation for joining the board of Andover BID.  

Amy Mellor

Amy says of her appointment “ I am delighted to be joining the BID board and one of the biggest positives I can bring to the board is my experience in marketing and consumerism, whilst running a retail business. I’m also a millennial that has grown up in the technological era that has completely altered the way we shop and communicate. I’m a huge ‘shopper’ myself and understand what attracts my generation to towns, events and stores. I will be encouraging BID to better the reputation of Andover, increase awareness of retail businesses, particularly the Indies and supporting initiatives to drive more footfall/traffic into the town”

Andy Hunt – Business Support Co-Ordinator

I have joined Steve in supporting him with the work of the Andover BID. I am a local person and love the town and I have already found that through the efforts of the BID it provides businesses a bigger and more effective voice which helps to make positive changes. This is a great role for me as I am partly in the office helping with the administrative role but also out and about in the town. I like to build strong relationships and ensure that good communication is established. This is key to implementing the BID effectively and I aim to meet as many of the BID members as possible to introduce myself and find out what they would like from the BID. Meeting each BID member will not only set the foundations for building that positive relationship but will also provide an opportunity to discuss with what is happening within their business and find out if they have any offers or events going on that I can share and support them with through BID activities and promotion.

If you haven’t seen Andy around yet, you will do very soon and he will be looking forward to chatting to you and working with you on ways that BID can help and support your business.

Andover Town Centre BID (Business Improvement District) Ltd.


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