A Coronavirus Update

During these difficult and unprecedented times, we realise how worrying and uncertain it is for local businesses. Andover BID remains available to you and we continue to work throughout this crisis and are currently receiving a high volume of specific queries from a range of different businesses. We are available to support you with relevant and up to date information as well as anything that you would like. Many Andover Town Centre businesses have had to close completely or to scale down their operations; some have had to lay staff off altogether; others have reduced working hours. For some, there has been an opportunity to adapt their products and services, and to offer new and sometimes entrepreneurial ways of doing business. Some businesses are extremely worried about how to keep going and the queries we are receiving range from whether any of the government reported loan and grant schemes are applicable to them, to how to manage cash flow difficulties and when and how to furlough staff. Although there is much advice currently out there, it isn’t always tailored to the specific requirements of individual businesses. We try to answer enquiries where we can and if we don’t have the in-house expertise, we will access it from elsewhere. As you may have heard on our social media channels and Love Andover Radio, BID is delighted to have partnered with local town centre company, Oaktree Accountants to bring professional and appropriate advice to companies during this period. So, whether you are a start-up, a sole trader or a limited company in retail, leisure, food & drink or professional services, BID and Oaktree are here to support you. Working in partnership with Oaktree brings many advantages because with a team of specialised staff each specialising in a particular area, businesses can be directed to the appropriate member of staff able to answer their query, for example, if a licenced premises have questions, there is a staff member with expertise in the hospitality sector. No one knows with any certainty how long this period of disruption will last or how damaging it might be to our economy. It will however only be a matter of time before we emerge from this virus and we are seeing signs of that in Wuhan in China, when after 76 days, restrictions are beginning to be lifted. When that happens here, Andover BID will be even more relevant to the recovery of our town centre. So, from Steve & Andy, and our volunteer board of directors, we thank each of you and encourage you to let us know if there are any areas of support that you require. In the meantime, to remain updated with relevant information, access our CORONAVIRUS tab on this website.

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