Research & Response behind the BID

Over the past 12 months, extensive research has been carried out looking into the core improvement priorities for Andover town centre. This research has demonstrated that a Business Improvement District could provide projects of real value and make a substantial difference over the next five years.

Over 207 written responses to consultation from businesses with RV of over £5,000

Research included:


  • Questionnaires

  • Workshops

  • One-to-one interviews

  • Final consultation document sent locally and to head offices

What did businesses in Andover prioritise in our research?

On a scale of 0-10 (0 being lowest 10 being the highest), how much are these issues a concern for you as a business?

Cost of parking: 5.46

Availability of public transport and parking: 3.56

Appearance of vacant units: 7.13

The perception of the town centre as a destination: 7.38

Staff recruitment and retention: 4.64

The quality of the urban environment (e.g. highways, street furniture, flower beds etc): 4.20

Crime and safety: 5.97

The quality and frequency of events in the town centre: 5.79

Connecting the evening and daytime economies: 5.87

Andover Town Centre BID (Business Improvement District) Ltd.


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